Islamic Finance Collective

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Advancing Wealth Equality Through Just Capital Markets

The Islamic Finance Collective provides an engaging container for a group of stakeholders across the Islamic finance ecosystem to work together to co-design transformative solutions for the real challenges impeding the sector’s outcomes. Using a facilitated, participatory multi-stakeholder process we will design, form and deploy just capital in congruence with Shari'ah principles.

The tenets of Islam serve as design principles

We believe a more just economic model is available and that together we can design capital products that uplift enterprises serving the most vulnerable members of society through job creation, entrepreneurship, co-ownership (co-operatives), inclusion rather than extraction and exclusion, and fair trade.

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Today’s economic systems are concentrating wealth in the hands of a few, while billions are subjugated to perpetual economic subservience. Equitable economies need to be built on an alternative funding blueprint, and Islamic finance presents a unique framework to achieve this through widespread ownership and risk-sharing, redistributive vehicles of business and philanthropy, inclusive stakeholder engagement and responsible trade. This initiative intends to build on the successes of contemporary Islamic financial markets while more deeply rooting the Shari'ah to further address challenges of wealth inequality and unsustainable practices in finance and investment.

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